3CHI Delta 8 Concentrates Sunset Sherbet 1 Gram Sauce



Option Sunset Sherbet
Cannabinoid 95% Delta-8-THC, 5% Cannabis-derived Terpenes
Brand 3CHI
Capacity 1 Gram
Flavor Creamy, Fruity, Nutty, Sweet
Effects Happy, Relaxing
Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid
Belongs To Delta 8
Series Concentrates
Department Sauce

Series: 3CHI Concentrates. Wide Selection: Explore a wide variety of 3CHI Concentrates, including Delta-8, Delta-10, CBD, and more, with a harmonious blend of cannabinoids tailored to your preferences.

Department: Sauce. Savor the symphony of flavors with our Cannabinoids sauce. Immerse yourself in the terpene-rich experience for ultimate satisfaction.

Main Cannabinoid: Delta-8. Curious about Delta-8? This emerging cannabinoid is celebrated for its mild and controllable effects, offering a new and exciting way to experience the world of cannabis.

Brand: 3CHI. 3CHI’s commitment to purity has led to multiple pending patents for innovative production processes, setting new industry standards. As an industry leader, 3CHI continues to drive cannabis acceptance and innovation to new heights.

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Weight 1 kg


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