3CHI CBC Concentrates 25 Grams Isolate


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Brand 3CHI
Department Isolate
Capacity 25 Grams
Series Concentrates
Cannabinoid 98-99% CBC
Belongs To CBC
Color Clear Color
Original Extraction Material Hemp

Main Cannabinoid: CBC. Explore the potential of CBC, a lesser-known cannabinoid with unique properties and potential therapeutic uses.

Department: Isolate. Isolate products have gained popularity for their remarkable potency and versatility, as they allow users to harness the full potential of a particular cannabinoid without the presence of additional compounds.

Brand: 3CHI. 3CHI’s commitment to purity has led to multiple pending patents for innovative production processes, setting new industry standards. As an industry leader, 3CHI continues to drive cannabis acceptance and innovation to new heights.

Series: 3CHI Concentrates. Multi-Cannabinoid Magic: Discover the magic of multi-cannabinoid 3CHI Concentrates, delivering a spectrum of cannabinoids in every product.

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