3CHI CBC Tincture 30ML Enhanced Oil


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Color Black
Belongs To CBC
Capacity 30 ML
Original Extraction Material Hemp
Brand 3CHI
Series Tincture
Department Enhanced Oil
Cannabinoid 250mg CBC
Ingredients Hemp Extract, Natural Terpene Blend, Vitamin E, Medium Chain Triglycerides

Department: Cannabinoid Enhanced Oil. Experience a transformative journey to well-rounded health with Cannabinoid Enhanced Oil, your holistic wellness companion.

Series: 3CHI Tinctures. Savor the calming effects of Delta-9 Tinctures. It’s like relaxation in every drop.

Main Cannabinoid: CBC. CBC is believed to interact with the endocannabinoid system, offering potential relief from various discomforts.

Brand: 3CHI. Founded by a seasoned biochemist, 3CHI is a pioneering brand in the cannabinoid industry.

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