3CHI Delta 10 THC 1ML Vape Cartridges Cali-O


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Belongs To Delta 10 THC
Design Pen-style
Original Extraction Material Hemp
Department Vape Cartridges
Capacity 1 ML
Brand 3CHI
Option Cali-O
Color Clear Color
Cannabinoid 95% Delta 10 and Delta 8, 5% Terpenes
Ingredients Broad Spectrum Delta 10 THC oil and a custom blend of terpenes
Coil Ceramic Coil

Design: Pen-style. With long-lasting battery life and efficient vaporization, our pen-style vape kit is your ideal companion for all-day vaping.

Department: Vape Cartridges. Discover a new world of relaxation with our Cannabinoids Vape Cartridges. Enjoy the delightful flavors and potential wellness benefits as you vape your way to serenity.

Brand: 3CHI. 3CHI’s products have placed cannabis in the national mainstream spotlight.

Main Cannabinoid: Delta-10. The Delta-10 Experience: Elevating Cannabinoid Discovery: Delta-10 is your ticket to a fresh perspective on cannabinoids. Join us on an exploration of its distinctive characteristics and potential impact on your health and wellness.

Coil: Ceramic Coil. Experience the future of vaping with the ceramic coil, a leap forward in terms of flavor, performance, and enjoyment.

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