3CHI Delta 8 Concentrates 1 Gram Sauce Pancakes



Cannabinoid 95% Delta-8-THC, 5% Cannabis-derived Terpenes
Flavor Sweet, Buttery, Maple, Berry
Effects Aroused, Creative, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing, Sociable
Series Concentrates
Department Sauce
Strain Hybrid
Brand 3CHI
Capacity 1 Gram
Belongs To Delta 8
Option Pancakes

Main Cannabinoid: Delta-8. Discover Delta-8, the next big thing in cannabinoids. Known for its milder effects compared to Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 offers a unique and manageable way to explore the world of cannabis.

Department: Sauce. Unleash the potential of terpenes and cannabinoids with our Cannabinoids sauce. Dive into a world of relaxation and rich, terpene-infused flavors.

Strains: Hybrid. Enhance your cannabis journey with our precision-crafted Hybrid strains, where advanced breeding techniques meet visually appealing buds, delivering a balanced and adaptable high that suits your ever-changing needs.

Series: 3CHI Concentrates. Premium Quality: Elevate your CBD journey with 3CHI Concentrates, known for their premium quality, efficacy, and carefully balanced cannabinoid profiles that cater to your preferences.

Brand: 3CHI. In contrast to the hemp industry’s status quo, which primarily focused on CBD, 3CHI’s visionary approach emphasized the exploration of minor cannabinoids. This visionary stance has been pivotal in shaping today’s industry, where minor cannabinoids have gained dominance over CBD.

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Weight 1 kg


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