3CHI Delta 8 Gary Payton Disposable Vape 1ML



Capacity 1 ML
Size 98*22.2*10.7mm
Cannabinoid 95%Delta-8 THC, 5%Terpenes
Battery Capacity 350mAh
Coil Ceramic Coil
Color Black
Firing Draw-Activated
Tank Construction Polycarbonate
Strain Hybrid
Brand 3CHI
Belongs To Delta 8
Weight 1.2 oz
Design Pen-style
Option Gary Payton
Department Disposable Vape

Design: Pen-style. The elegant design of our pen-style vape kit adds a touch of sophistication to your vaping experience, making it perfect for any occasion.

Main Cannabinoid: Delta-8. Curious about Delta-8? This emerging cannabinoid is celebrated for its mild and controllable effects, offering a new and exciting way to experience the world of cannabis.

Terpenes: Native Terpenes. Discover the perfect harmony of aroma and taste with our meticulously sourced Native Terpenes, renowned for their ability to replicate the genuine terpene profiles of specific cannabis strains, offering a sensory journey that mirrors the plant’s essence with remarkable precision.

Brand: 3CHI. 3CHI, also pronounced as “three-chee,” stands at the forefront of the cannabinoid industry. Founded by a seasoned biochemist with 15 years of experience in product formulation, 3CHI emerged from a deep-rooted belief in hemp’s healing potential.

Strains: Hybrid. Make a statement with your cannabis choices by selecting our sleek and modern Hybrid strains, offering not only exceptional quality but also a wide range of effects that can adapt to your unique preferences, making them perfect for enhancing creativity or relaxation.

Department: Disposable Vape. Immerse yourself in the world of cannabinoids with our Disposable Vape. Indulge in a range of terpene-rich flavors and experience the entourage effect.

Coil: Ceramic Coil. The ceramic coil’s longevity means fewer coil changes, saving time and money for vapers.

Firing: Draw-activation. The draw-activated firing system revolutionizes the vaping experience by mimicking the sensation of smoking without the need for buttons, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a smoother transition to vaping.

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Weight 1 kg


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