3CHI HHC Concentrates Sauce 1 Gram Blue Dream


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Belongs To HHC
Brand 3CHI
Option Blue Dream
Cannabinoid 950mg HHC, 50mg Terpenes
Department Sauce
Color Clear Color
Capacity 1 Gram
Series Concentrates

Department: Sauce. Terpenes and cannabinoids unite in our Cannabinoids sauce. Immerse yourself in the entourage effect and taste the balanced artistry.

Brand: 3CHI. In addition to its product innovations, 3CHI has played a key role in developing industry testing standards and methodologies, solving the challenge of quantifying cannabinoids in Delta 8 THC products. The brand’s commitment to purity is reflected in its multiple pending patents for production processes that have set industry benchmarks.

Series: 3CHI Concentrates. Full-Spectrum Magic: Dive into the full-spectrum magic of 3CHI Concentrates, where cannabinoids collaborate to amplify your CBD experience.

Main Cannabinoid: HHC. HHC: A New Frontier in Cannabinoids: As the world of cannabinoids evolves, HHC stands out as a distinct and fascinating compound. Join us to explore the uncharted territory of HHC and its potential applications.

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