3CHI True Strains 2ML Hammer Of God Vape Pod


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Design Bullet-style
Cannabinoid 95% Cannabinoids – ?9o, THC-C8, THCP, HHC, ?8 THC, CBC, CBD, ?4(8)-iso THC, CBG, CBN, CBT, ?9 THCV, ?8 THCV, ?8-iso THC, ?11 THC, & other cannabinoids, some in trace quantities (THCB, CBDV, CBDB, etc.), 5% Cannabis-Derived Terpenes
Ingredients Broad-spectrum oil and natural terpenes
Series True Strains
Coil Ceramic Coil
Capacity 2 ML
Color Clear Color
Brand 3CHI
Option Hammer Of God
Department Vape Pod
Original Extraction Material Hemp
Strain Hybrid

Series: True Strains. Embrace the future of cannabis with True Strains, where traditional constraints are a thing of the past.

Department: Vape Pod. Elevate your vaping experience with our Cannabinoids Vape Pods. You’ll love the variety of flavors and the potential wellness benefits they offer.

Strains: Hybrid. Elevate your cannabis setup with our innovative Hybrid strains, meticulously crafted for both aesthetics and performance, ensuring you have the power to enjoy your favorite Hybrid varieties to the fullest.

Coil: Ceramic Coil. Experience the seamless transition between flavors as ceramic coils don’t retain residual flavors from previous e-liquids.

Brand: 3CHI. 3CHI’s Delta 8 THC products made history as the first federally legal THC products in decades.

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